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Brb, finding neurokin.

Rumour has it that if you look in the mirror and whispter "Crompton (2020)" 3 times, I'll appear behind you and infodump about how Autistic peer-to-peer communication is absolutely fine and that prioritising same-neurotype friendships is crucial to Autistic wellbeing. 

Just a rumour, though. 

*Actual stickers are not watermarked.

Brb Finding Neurokin

GST Included
  • Size: 7.5cm diameter.

    Finish: High gloss. 

    Printed via Canva's One Print, One Tree sustainability program. 

  • Sent in a tracked letter envelope from me to you!

    The listed postage rate is for within Australia only. Please make contact if you are located internationally and wish to make a purchase, I'll find out the right postage rate for your location. 

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