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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions manage the relationship between clients/supervisees and Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision.

Bookings, confirmation and cancellations

1.1 A minimum of 24 business hours (1 business day's) notice is required to cancel an appointment with Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision. This minimum notice period is required so that appointments can be offered to other clients/supervisees. Payment of full fees for late cancellation or non-attendance covers business costs and clinician income that would otherwise be lost. Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • More than 24 hours notice - No Fee.

  • Less than 24 hours notice - Full Fee.

  • Non attendance - Full Fee.

1.2 If you have not connected for your online appointment at the designated start time, you will receive a text message or phone call at 5 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, then again at 15 minutes past this time. If you are unable to be reached, the appointment is considered as a non attendance and you will be charged the full standard session fee ($220 for assessment, $180 for supervision). 


2.1 Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision accepts online debit/credit card payment using Halaxy's securely encrypted platform. By making an appointment with Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision and providing your credit/debit card detail, you authorise us to store and use your card securely to complete online payments. Fees are automatically charged to the credit card during the scheduled appointment time. 

2.2 Direct deposit is also offered as a payment option. Bank account information can be provided on your invoice. 

2.3 All fees and charges are in Australian (AU) Dollars and are inclusive of GST (where applicable). 

2.4 Further appointments are not able to be booked when fees are outstanding, including late cancellation/non-attendance fee payment. 

Intellectual Property and Copyright

3.1 The Website and all related products of Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision are subject to copyright. All written and visual material on the Website is protected by under copyright law in Australia and Internationally. Unless expressly indicated, Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision owns, controls and reserves all rights, including copyright, related to the Website (including and extending past written/typed text, images, logos, design and interactive features). 

3.2 Services provided by Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision are the intellectual property of Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision and Rebecca Gannon. Services under this intellectual property consideration are face-to-face assessment protocols and procedures (excluding published third-party testing materials), written assessment reports, supervision content and resources, social media content and blog posts. 

3.3 You may not, without obtaining the prior written consent of Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision and any other relevant rights owners: Transmit, post, re-publish, broadcast, share on a third-party platform, adapt, play in public or change in any way any Services provided by Kaleidoscope Assessment and Supervision, for any purpose. This does not apply to resources on the Website that are freely available or are part of public domain.

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