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Fees listed below apply to new assessment clients booking in from 1st December, 2023.


Assessment Packages

1. "I want to know if I am Autistic". 

Autism assessment includes approx. 3-4 hours of assessment appointments, completion of online questionnaires, feedback
and your written report. The fee for this package is $1600*

2. "I want to know if I have ADHD". 

ADHD assessment includes approx. 2-3 hours of assessment appointments, completion of online questionnaires, feedback and your written report. The fee for this package is $1400*

3. "I want to know if I am Autistic AND if I have ADHD".  

Assessment of both Autism and ADHD includes approx. 5 hours of assessment appointments, completion of online questionnaires, feedback and your written report. The fee for this package is $2000*

*Note: Occasionally, there may be instances where an additional session is needed to complete assessment. This may occur, for example, for clients with complex physical or mental health histories that require more in-depth diagnostic querying. Wherever possible, Rebecca will advise clients of the need for an additional session as early as possible in the assessment process. Additional assessment sessions incur a fee of $220 per 1 hour appointment. In the interest of equity this is priced below the recommended fee of $300 suggested by the AAPi (Australian Association of Psychologists Inc) in their 2023-2024 Schedule of Recommended Fees. This schedule is available here

Help! Which package do I choose?

Good question! You might be someone who has already been diagnosed with ADHD, and you may want to know if you're Autistic too. In this case Package 1 might suit you best. Or you might feel that you don't experience any Autistic traits and suspect you are an ADHDer. Package 2 could be most suitable for you. 

For most folk I recommend Package 3. This is because research suggests that Autism and ADHD co-occur quite frequently. A lot of Autistic people also have ADHD (and vice-versa). 

If you are unsure which assessment option is best for you please get in touch. I'm happy to discuss your needs and help you make a decision. Feel welcome to email:

How do I pay? 

  • When completing your intake and consent forms, you will be asked to enter credit/debit card details which are encrypted and stored securely in the practice management system (Halaxy). Payment is deducted from your card automatically at the time of sessions. 

  • Payment via instalments is welcomed. We can discuss this and agree on a plan when booking your appointments.

  • The full assessment fee balance must be paid before your report can be released to you. 

Booking/Appointment Terms:

  • You will receive an appointment reminder via email 2 business days prior to each appointment. You will also receive an SMS 24 hours before the appointment ​requiring you to confirm or cancel. Please give at least 24 business hours notice (1 business day) if you need to cancel your appointment (e.g. replying to the reminder email) so that your time can be offered to other folk. 

  • Appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or that are not attended, will be charged the standard session fee ($220) in full. This will need to be paid before further appointments are booked. 

  • Reports can not be released until all fees are paid. 

Fee/Payment Conditions:

  • Medicare does not permit the provision of rebates for Autism/ADHD assessment using Mental Health Care Plans (MHCPs) or Chronic Disease GP Management Plans (GPMPs).  

  • Medicare now allows Paediatricians to refer clients up to the age of 25 for Autism assessment, where Medicare rebates are allowable. If you are a young adult seeking assessment please discuss Medicare item number 135 with your Paediatrician if still under their care. 

  • Private health funds vary in their coverage of Autism/ADHD assessment. It is recommended that you contact your specific fund to enquire. As I am unable to process HICAPS, paid invoices are emailed to clients for lodgement with health funds.

  • NDIS/The NDIA generally do not fund diagnostic assessments for adults who are already participants. You can check whether this applies to your plan and funding via speaking with your Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator.

  • Fees are reviewed quarterly and will next be reviewed in January 2024. Any changes will be advertised here on the website with the date from which they will take effect. 

Ready to book your assessment? My online booking portal can be found here (click the word 'here!'). 


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