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Autism and ADHD

If you've wondered whether you could be Autistic and/or have ADHD, you have come to a safe place to explore these questions. Welcome. 


I understand the difficulties many adults experience in accessing Autism/ADHD assessment with clinicians who are aware of the kaleidoscopic ways Neurodivergence can present. One of my passions is assessing girls, women, non-binary and trans folk who are curious about their neurotypes. This justice-driven passion arose from observing how many adults (especially girls and women) are identified later in life as an artefact of historical diagnostic frameworks and sociocultural stereotypes. 

Telehealth assessment is available to adults in Australia aged 18+ years. My priority focus is on adult women/non-binary/trans folk. I also have a clinic space in Brisbane, Queensland where I can offer in-person assessment 1 day a week. I can complete child and adolescent Autism/ADHD assessment in-person in Brisbane but my availability for this is very limited due to adult assessment taking priority. 

Do you have questions about assessment? Click here! Looking for the tea on fees? I got you. Want to jump into booking an appointment? This link does the thing. 

A core value embedded in assessment is that our process is collaborative. I value transparency and authenticity, and endeavour to centre these values in our work together. I also I welcome folk of all backgrounds, abilities, shapes, sizes and colours of the rainbow. (Read: All cultures, all genders, all folk from LGBTQI+ communities and all intersectional identities are welcome). 

In embodying values of transparency and authenticity, I am a queer Neurodivergent person and my pronouns are she/they. I'm Koori (Wiradjuri mob) and live/work with gratitude on Jagera country in Meanjin (also known as Brisbane, Queensland). 


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